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Who can help me convert GPS latitude-longtitude to x-y coordinates for the Amersfoort RD New (epsg:28992) projected system.

My startpoint (data from the GPS device) is something like this: "$GPGGA,071132.784, 5157.3883,N,00434.4648,E,1,03,4.5,-5.1,M,47.1,M,,0000*73"

Or 51°57'23,1600"N;004°34'27,5760"E

In another GIS software with no GPS i get the following x and y values at the same location using the above projected system. X: 99128,7851960541 Y: 441194,717554809

I allready tried different approach but stil no success. The Goal is to visualize the current GPS position at realtime in the GIS software.


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do you have the formulas to convert? – AlexWien Jan 14 '13 at 14:31
Post your question to gis.stackexchange.com – Hans Passant Jan 14 '13 at 14:43

The best answer would be to use a third party library to do the conversion for you. Such as ArcGIS's GeometryService.Project web method or PROJ.4's API.

If you want to do the math yourself, you'll have to look at the spatial reference and do the math yourself.

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If you use the PROJ.4 Api you can get the Proj4 Transformation definition string from this link: http://spatialreference.org/ref/epsg/28992/proj4/

If you want to implement that transfomration for yourself:

Its an Oblique Stereographic projection, exact paramters to use: epsg/28992

The formulas are described in http://www.epsg.org/guides/docs/g7-2.pdf on page 62ff, There is also an example for the Amersfoort RD.

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