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I have a Map document with a number of Layer sub-documents and want to implement HTTP PATCH, so only given attributes of the JSON should update the Layer sub-document. The following code works, but I have to specify each attribute that can be changed. Is there a better way to do it?

var update = {};
if (req.body.name !== undefined)
    update['layers.$.name'] = req.body.name;
if (req.body.isDefault !== undefined)
    update['layers.$.isDefault'] = req.body.isDefault;
if (req.body.isPublic !== undefined)
    update['layers.$.isPublic'] = req.body.isPublic;

Map.model.findOneAndUpdate({_id: req.params.mapId, 'layers._id': req.params.layerId}, update, callback);
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You can make a function like this:

function updateParams(reqParams,additionalInfo)
    var update = {};
    for(var paramName in reqParams)
                update[additionalInfo+paramName] = reqParams[paramName];
    return update;


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should work, thanks for the code. but then I would have to include this helper method to every route that is using the HTTP PATCH semantics. I would like to do it with mongoose directly like it can easily be done with root documents..couldn't find a solution yet. –  megges Jan 14 '13 at 16:05

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