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In my Rails 3 application I have an activity model which includes a has_many association with a participant model. I'd like to implement comment functionality so that when a comment is created an email is sent to all participants and when a participant replies to the email that reply is added to the activity as a further comment. When sending out the emails I'd like to use a dynamic reply-to address (eg. activity-345@mydomain.com) that can be used to identify the source activity.

I have found a useful blog post covering various options for receiving email in Rails 3 though this is a couple of years old now. It would seem that the most viable solutions are to use a mail server like Postfix and then either execute a ruby script to send emails to my app via an HTTP POST or poll for emails using the mailman gem; or to use a third party like CloudMailin or Mailgun to send emails to my app via an HTTP POST.

I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice or recommendations based on solutions that they have used for sending/receiving email.

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Check out Pony - it's a really simple to use e-mail gem that can be set up to use an external SMTP (like Gmail). I've used it on a couple of my sites and it's pretty solid.

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