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I am new to Mono for Android project, and I need to use it in my current project. I want to ask, how can I make some native library on Java for Android and attach it in Mono for Android project on C#? I read some articles on stackoverflow, but didn't find answer for me. And also I read:


and I can't get what "libfoo.so" means and how to create it? What is the *.so extention mean? I would thank for some real experience to share.

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A "native" library in this case refers to a library written in C/C++ (you can think of a .so file as a DLL for C/C++). That said, it sounds like you actually want to bind a Java library, rather than a C library. Xamarin provides some tooling that allows you to create bindings for Java libraries, and have a guide available here: Binding a Java Library (.jar)

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thanks a lot! a full and very useful answer! –  yozhik Jan 15 '13 at 10:41

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