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I have been provided a Linux kernel module with these instructions: insmod . Then determine the major number and create a /dev entry. I was able to successfully install as is evident from the dmesg file. However, I do not know how to determine the device number. Any help appreciated

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I assume you know the name of a device you are talking about. You can retrieve the major number from /proc/devices. Here is an extract from this file:

Character devices:
1 mem
216 rfcomm
226 drm
252 hidraw
253 bsg
254 rtc

Block devices:
259 blkext
8 sd
9 md

Look for the name of your device there. The major number is on the same line, just before the name.

A sidenote. I would also recommend looking at "Linux Driver Development" book (, esp. chapters 1-3. The device numbers and many other useful things are explained there. Although some parts of the book are a bit out-of-date now, it is still very useful. End of a sidenote.

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