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I have a form in which when a button is clicked, new inputs are appended. Everything work correctly when submit, but if I hit the back browser all the appended fields are lost..

Is there a way to maintain them when hitting this browser's button?


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You have to use sessions or cookies. – sp00m Jan 14 '13 at 14:45

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Your appended elements only exist in the DOM which isn't cached by any browser.

I suggest you use cookies to solve this issue, check out

To append something to such cookie

$.cookie("row", "a new row or whatever");

// or preferably a json
var myJsonRow = {
   row: 1,
   value: "Test"
$.cookie("row", JSON.stringify(myJsonRow));

To read this very simple cookie simply use


Now obviously you will need something more advanced than this but this can be handled in the json object.

Start by creating a json pattern you feel comfortable with, something like this

// Basic row-pattern
var cookieRows = {
   rows: [
         value: "row 1",
         type: "radio"
         value: "row 2",
         type: "text"
         value: "row 3",
         type: "password"

And implement

   // Test if the cookie is set
   if(!$.cookie("rows")) {

      var cookieRows = {
         rows: []

      // Register the pattern
      $.cookie("rows", JSON.stringify(cookieRows));

   // Adding rows

   // Register your event handler

      // Get the control element
      var controlElement = $(this);

      // Fetch the needed information and create a row
      var cookieRow = {
         value: controlElement.val(),
         type: controlElement.attr('type')

      // Get the cookie
      var cookieRows = JSON.parse($.cookie("rows"));

      // Add the value to the cookie

      // And save the cookie
      $.cookie("rows", JSON.stringify(cookieRows));

Ah well, you get the idea!

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thank you both! I started testing with sessions, if i can't make it work i'll try with cookies instead.. bye! – buu Jan 16 '13 at 13:58

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