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Is there any possibilities to connect Drupal Commerce (or Ubercart) with SAP Business One ?

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Disclosure -- I work for a company that provides SAP addon solutions and we have a product called B1Integration which is a SOAP-based system you can use to extract and import data into SAP Business One. Visit for more information. Not sure if that's allowed via SO T&C but there you go. --

There are also several other SAP partners like us who have their own integration platforms.If you wanted to tackle it yourself then I recommend looking at SAP DI Server, and not SAP DI API, as the DI Server is more suited to external data exchange (our product is based on the DI Server) since it uses an XML-based import format. There's also a free tool from SAP themselves called the B1Webservice which exposes SBO Objects via a Webservice, although it's not supported officially and is a bit clunky. Check out and go to the Business One section.

Hope that helps!

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