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I have used the code I found on this stackoverflow answer (live demo here) to implement pan & zoom on my canvas. This works great but I have an issue.

My entire page is the canvas so when the browser is resized the canvas is also resized. Without any code this just makes the canvas stretch which looks horrible. If I setup some jQuery to resize the canvas when the browser is resized then I get really weird panning issues later on.

I'm not sure what variables to update or how to update them properly to allow pan and zoom to continue functioning after the canvas is resized.

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have you tried something? –  philipp Jan 14 '13 at 17:11
I tried altering a few of the variables but it didnt work, and it didnt even give me a clue what I was doing wrong –  Chris Jan 15 '13 at 10:47

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In your case you need to do after zoom:

canvas.width = canvas.offsetWidth
canvas.height = canvas.offsetHeight

Also I made a library from the question you mentioned. It makes pan and zoom features much easier to use.

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