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Are there any command line parameters, or other ways, so that all the mock services start up when soap ui is started?

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You can automate this with the help of a Groovy Script.

  1. Double click on the Project (inside the Navigator pane)
  2. Open the tab "Load Script"
  3. Following script can be used as an example:

    project.getMockServiceByName("name_of_your_mock_service_01").start(); project.getMockServiceByName("name_of_your_mock_service_02").start();

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Since the mockServices is a Map this will also work:

project.mockServices.each() { entry -> entry.value.start() }

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Was looking same for rest mock services . For that use this instead ,from test suite setup script. Just in case anyone lands here while searching, like i landed. This can also be use from project or test case level by accordingly modifying it.

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