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I'm trying to configure the Infinispan using TCP transport.

If in TCPPING.initialHosts I put the list of all potential cluster nodes, the cluster doesn't connects at all - there are about 15 potential nodes, most of them are dead, usually only 2 or 3 are alive.

However, if in TCPPING.initialHosts I put list of only 2-3 hosts, the cluster is created successfully.

What do I do wrong?

Update: As far as I see in log and in the stacktrace, the connection between the live nodes is created and the nodes exchange some messages. However, the cluster is still not formed.

Update: Here's the code that creates the JChannel:

    JChannel ch = new JChannel(false);
    ProtocolStack stack = new ProtocolStack();

    // TCPPING is responsible for discovery
    TCPPING tcpping = new TCPPING();
    List<IpAddress> initial_hosts = ... // get lists of hosts, list can be quite big

    TCP tcp = new TCP();

    NAKACK nakack = new NAKACK();

    MERGE2 merge = new MERGE2();

    RSVP rsvp = new RSVP();
    rsvp.setValue("timeout", 60 * 1000);
    rsvp.setValue("resend_interval", 500);
    rsvp.setValue("ack_on_delivery", false);

        .addProtocol(new FD_SOCK())
        .addProtocol(new FD())
        .addProtocol(new VERIFY_SUSPECT())
        .addProtocol(new UNICAST2())
        .addProtocol(new STABLE())
        .addProtocol(new GMS())
        .addProtocol(new UFC())
        .addProtocol(new MFC())
        .addProtocol(new FRAG2())

    return ch;
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can you kindly paste your jgroups configuration xml? –  Καrτhικ Jan 21 '13 at 20:47
I create the JChannel from code. The code added to the post. –  Tarlog Jan 23 '13 at 7:00

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Perhaps the discovery phase takes too long, as JGroups tries to establish connections to 15 hosts, and only 2-3 of them are alive. I suggest setting TCP.scok_conn_timeout to a low value (200?) so that we return from a connection to a host that's down after 200ms max. Maybe GMS.join_timeout needs to be increased, and TCPPING.timeout as well. They should be higher than the longest discovery phase.

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