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I'm trying to compile a program to run on a Linux powered board, which has an ARM926EJ-S processor. So I've installed Debian embedded cross-development toolchain, and tried compiling an Hello World with in gcc with -march=armv5te . When I tried running the binary on the board it crashed with file not found errors (due to library versions), after that I've tried compiling with -static flag and I got a seg fault (0x0000827c in __libc_start_main (), said mr gdb trough gdbserver).

Any idea on what to do here to get something running?

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Make sure you use gnueabi toolchain, not gnueabihf – Marat Dukhan Jan 14 '13 at 16:57
You need to get the right (almost exact) toolchain for your board, otherwise it would be too painful. There are many toolchain discussions here on so that can help you understand the problem,… – auselen Jan 14 '13 at 17:11

Apparently the solution is to try as many toolchains as you can find. Eventually you'll find the one that works, after spending a few too many hours compiling toolchains. uClibc buildroot in this case.

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