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I have a workbook with 2 sheets. In one sheet I have a range of data and in the other sheet another range of data. The data structure and where report is extracted from is the same but data may be different as they are from test and live business object universes.

In my code I am using a match function to cross check data in one sheet with data in the other. From this match I set a row id number and then use it in processing. I used VBA code that worked fine for my first two extracts but on the second extract it does not point to the other sheet/cell that is specified, despite all I done was to change the name in the VBA match function to point to the new sheet.

I ran a macro and selected both the sheet then the column and it came up with the correct column my variables are loaded with and the sheet name is exactly the same.

I also tried just doing a .Select and everything works, i.e. all the other sheets work, apart from when referencing anything in this new sheet - lets call it MySheet. The code for match and loading the variable is as follows:

UniqueIDValue = WorksheetFunction.Match(wb.Sheets("DataOne").Range(TargetColumnChar & CStr(i)).Value, Range("**MySheet**!$" & TargetColumnCharTest & "$2:$U$" & CStr(MaxRowCountTest)), 0) + 1

As I said I done a select and everything worked apart from when I pointed to the MySheet, there are no errors it just isn't working. The following pointing to my reference sheet works ok:

Range("DataOne!$" & TargetColumnCharTest & "$2:$U$" & CStr(MaxRowCountTest)), 0).Select

And this code below doesn't select at all the cell in the sheet, or raise any errors for that matter. I checked the variables i use in Match/Range and they are all populated as they should be, but it is just not pointing to the cell value in the sheet MySheet and therefore I get value = 0 for my user variable UniqueIDValue when I should be getting 2 for example.

Range("MySheet!$" & TargetColumnCharTest & "$2:$U$" & CStr(MaxRowCountTest)), 0).Select

When I do this with any other sheet if I step through the code and test by using .Select it goes to the sheet and the cell is selected.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully you can shed some light on this - I can't figure it out but it seems that it will be something so simple.


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In VBA, user Sheet.Range references - Have you tried changeing Range("MySheet!$" & TargetColumnCharTest & "$2:$U$" & CStr(MaxRowCountTest)) to wb.Sheets("MySheet").Range(TargetColumnCharTest & "2:U" & CStr(MaxRowCountTest))? –  John Bustos Jan 14 '13 at 16:58
Try to get the right range using the following syntax: Sheets("DataOne").Cells(StartRowNum,StartColNum).Resize(NumberOfRows,NumberOfCo‌​ls). Also keep in mind that you can access Sheets("DataOne")directly with Sheet1 - or even better wsDataOneif you chose to name it so in the left pane of the VB editor. –  Peter Albert Jan 14 '13 at 19:43
@John Bustos I tried what you suggested with sheet name 'MySheet' and no difference but as soon as I change the sheet name to any other sheet it works. This is what I can't understand it's as if the MySheet doesn't exist to VBA, even though I can see it. –  Andrew Jan 15 '13 at 9:11
I even tried the following code to see what sheets VBA was seeing and got both sheets as I can see them: Sub SheetNames() Dim i As Integer Columns(1).Insert For i = 1 To Sheets.Count Cells(i, 1) = Sheets(i).Name Next i End Sub –  Andrew Jan 15 '13 at 9:24
It seems that this line in my code is locking the sheet to DataOne sheet Sheets("DataOne").Select But in my match statement I am saying for cell DataOne A2 for example, find a match in Range MySheet u2:U30000 So if I am going between sheets in a match it seems I need to have both sheets selected at the same time - impossible I would imagine. If I change the code to Sheets("MySheet").Select All my range selects for that sheet work but none for DataOne sheet work and vice versa. I can't understand how this seemed to work ok before but now it will only get value from active sheet. –  Andrew Jan 15 '13 at 9:42

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