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I want to create a project in Zend framework, but I don't know any idea about how to include this zend framework in to wamp server. Any one please helps me...?

Thanks in advance..

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All you need to do is ensure that the Zend/lib directory from the framework download is in your include path.

That should work just as well on WAMP as it does anywhere else.

I haven't configured an IIS server in ages... but it's probably just as easy as a nicely crafted "ini_set('include_path",'..') in your bootstrap script.

Once you've got Zend/lib in your include path, you can include (or autoload) Zend things as needed.

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It seems you need a tutorial to start from scratch, I'd say.

Here are a couple of links that could interest you :

Those might be helpful, for you to start.

And here are some other resources :

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i used this tutorial when i started to work with zf:


It's from 2006 but you should get the clue.

Have fun!

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