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can anyone help me about IPN listener script. I have tried testing it using sandbox test tool for IPN but I always get an INVALID result but the HTTP status is 200. I also tried echoing the $_POST array but its empty..

heres my code


echo "<pre>".print_r($_POST,true)."</pre>\n";


if((array_key_exists('test_ipn',$ipn_data)) && ($ipn_data['test_ipn']==1)){




        CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS=>http_build_query(array('cmd'=>'_notify-validate')+ $ipn_data),



    echo $result;
    echo $stat;
    if($stat==200 && $result=='VERIFIED'){

        echo "VERIFIED";


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Can we assume that you have rm = "2" in your payment method (button, shopping cart, etc) to change from $_GET(default) to $_POST - –  Sean Jan 14 '13 at 16:58
If you go into your paypal account and look under the ipn responses, what are you getting? –  David Nguyen Jan 15 '13 at 5:28
ive tried to test it with the IPN test tool but still i cant get any responses..here is the url of my ipn listener occs.evsuit2013.com/ipn_listener.php ,you can try it if you want...thanks –  Kenneth Dandan Feb 15 '13 at 7:25

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Perhaps your problem is that you haven't enabled IPN in your merchant account? 'My Account' / 'Profile' / 'Selling Preferences' / 'Instant Payment Notification Preferences'. Enter your notification url and set message delivery to enabled.

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