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I have the following code in "Rails Root"/lib/tasks/example.rake:

task :example_task => :environment do
  e =

class Example
  def example_method
    select_tag 'Example'

When I call e.example_method in the rake task, I get the error "undefined method 'select_tag' for #<Example:0x39f58b0>".

select_tag is a Rails method:

How do I make the select_tag call work?

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You just need to require the helpers you need. Please check this [question][1]. [1]:… – Alexandre Abreu Jan 14 '13 at 16:43
select_tag is one of the helpers methods in ActionView Why would your Rake Task calling any method that is view related? Just curious – Jasdeep Singh Jan 14 '13 at 17:08

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You need to require the helper the method you're trying to use. In the case of select_tag, you'll need to require ActionView.

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You can either:

Access helper methods via the helper variable:

helper.content_tag :li, "Helola" 
=> "<li>Helola</li>"

or require the desired helpers

require "#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/helpers/some_helper.rb"
include SomeHelper
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