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I want to write a script that runs in the background and detects when a user logs out. I am having trouble finding documentation on dbus-monitor. The best I can do is that I see a flurry of EndSessionQuery, EndSession, and EndSessionResponse but these all come with booleans so they can't fully be trusted (maybe a program says it doesn't want the user to logout?) and on top of that, what if no programs are open? This is too unreliable.

What I want is to listen for a signal that will always happen when the user is logging out. Can someone provide that signal? Currently I am running this command:

dbus-monitor --session \
    "type='signal',interface='org.gnome.ScreenSaver',member='ActiveChanged'" | \

which catches the ScreenSaver events. But I also want to catch logout. What I wish for is something like:

dbus-monitor --session \
    "type='signal',interface='org.gnome.Session',member='LogoutSuccess'" \
    "type='signal',interface='org.gnome.ScreenSaver',member='ActiveChanged'" | \
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Have you looked at what is being sent on the system bus during log out? Console-kit will maybe send something: sudo dbus-monitor --system – iain Feb 12 '13 at 9:01

Look for the files called org.gnome.SessionManager.* here:

There is a SessionOver signal in the interface org.gnome.SessionManager that may be what you need.

Are you looking for the normal "session is ending, quit yourself or put up a prompt or something" request from the session manager, or a "session is really ending now, bye bye" signal?

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I'm looking for the "everyone decided to quit. this is really happening." signal. – Robert Martin Feb 21 '13 at 22:33
Actually, I was mistaken. The "this is really happening" signal is "Stop" from org.gnome.SessionManager.ClientPrivate - see gnome-session/gnome-session/gsm-dbus-client.c:dbus_client_stop(). – Federico Mena-Quintero Feb 26 '13 at 1:20

This is an old thread, but I'm adding some info in case anyone else needs it.

I had the same needs, but ended up implementing a Session Manager DBus client as an easy to use script. It executes a user-defined script on logout. The ready to use application is shared on GitHub.

Gnome EndSession DBus client

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