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I'd like to set List Content and List Object options for an AD (Active Directory, Windows Server 2008 R2) OU for a particular user group using C# (.NET 4.0).

I managed to set the gPOptions and gPLinkproperties according to Microsoft, but I did not find an example of how to set List Content and List Object. Setting the other two properties works as shown below:


byte[] binaryForm = new byte[ groupPrincipal.Sid.BinaryLength ];
groupPrincipal.Sid.GetBinaryForm( binaryForm, 0 );
IdentityReference identityReference =
    new SecurityIdentifier( binaryForm, 0 );
PropertyAccessRule propertyAccessRule =
    new PropertyAccessRule(
        new Guid( "...value provided by MSDN link..." ) );
// ouEntry is of type DirectoryEntry
ouEntry.ObjectSecurity.AddAccessRule( propertyAccessRule );

// Same for gPLink with the corresponding GUID

Please ask if you need any more information.

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List content and List object have to be set somewhat differently:

ActiveDirectoryAccessRule activeDirectoryAccessRule =
    new ActiveDirectoryAccessRule(
        ActiveDirectoryRights.ListChildren | ActiveDirectoryRights.ListObject,
        ActiveDirectorySecurityInheritance.None );

This ActiveDirectoryAccessRule has to be added to the corresponding DirectoryEntry as in the question above.

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