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how do I add data from access db to a wpf datagrid. I have tried using datatable as datasource but it gives an error. I have also tried using itemsource instead of datasource like some sources suggest but in vain. Actually I am stuck after filling my datatable with the code:

    `Dim da As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT activitynm as [Activity],motonum as [Car No], " & _
                                         "startmile as [Start mileage],stopmile as [Stop mileage],proj_code  as [Project]," & _
                                         "ac_code as [Account code],month(miledate) as [Project month], year(miledate) as [Project year]" & _
                                         " from carmileage where ac_code='""'", cnn2)
    Dim dt As New DataTable
    'fill data to datatable
    //What to put here is the problem`

Someone have a clue. Please help

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Set the itemsource property:

ID_Of_datagrid.ItemSource = dt.rows

A tutorial showing simple binding And Another tutorial showing simple binding

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I get this error "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Data.DataTable' to type 'System.Collections.IEnumerable'" when I do that –  ken Jan 14 '13 at 17:44
my bad did not realize that Datatables are not IEnumerable. However their row collections are. –  Pow-Ian Jan 14 '13 at 17:46

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