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How do I import data from MS excel and insert in to MYSQL database ? Which language is easiest and fastest to do this task ?

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This appears to be very similiar to 8031193 – arober11 Dec 2 '12 at 23:08

If you can safely represent everything in a CSV format (just export from Excel) then you need only one command:

LOAD DATA INFILE '/tmp/coolfile.txt' INTO TABLE coolTable;
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I would use the swiss army knife of data manipulation in the windows world:

MS Access

Import the Excel sheet into an Access table, and export the table over ODBC to MySQL

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Not really a programming question, the fastest method I would suggest is export data from Excel to CSV-file, and then import it into MySQL using LOAD DATA INFILE command.


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In Windows, you can use phpMyAdmin's import feature. It has many options including import from Microsoft Excel!

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