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I've got a jython script that needs to include a class (from JUnit in this case). I've got the junit jar in "some/path/junit.jar". My script is:

from junit.textui import TestRunner

TestRunner.Main(["name of some class here"])

I'm running it like this:

java -cp "some/path/junit.jar" -jar jython.jar

but it complains that:

    from junit.textui import TestRunner
ImportError: No module named junit

How can I make it see/import the correct class?

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Jython links for those who never heard of this: and – Wim ten Brink Sep 16 '09 at 11:43
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When you use -jar option, java ignores classpath. Just run jython class directly like this,

java -cp "some/path/junit.jar:some/other/path/jython.jar" org.python.util.jython

You have to love their naming convention (all lower-case class name). I assumed the class name would be Jython and it took me a few tries to figure this out.

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As a - maybe simpler - alternative to ZZ Coder's answer, you can also use the -J-cp parameter on Jython's start script:

    jython -J-cp "some/path/junit.jar"

(I would have appended this as a comment to the former answer, but my reputation does not allow it yet.)

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