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My (simplified) domain model looks like this:

class Student { 
    static hasMany = [professions:StudentProfession];

class StudentProfession { 
    static belongsTo = [student:Student];
    Profession profession;

class Profession { 
    String name;

What is the most efficient way to:

List all students that are taught "Programmer" and "Manager" professions

Am I forced to filter them out after querying the database?

students = students.findAll { student -> 
    student.professions.find { professionNames.contains(it.profession.name) } != null
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You can do this using a GORM query:

def studends = Student.where {
  professions {
      profession.name == "Programmer" || profession.name == "Manager"
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Lots of ways to skin this cat - here's one:

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