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What is the largest data type in google appengine go datastore. I come across a limitation in string type which is only permits 500 characters. Thank you!

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Use a []byte, it can store up to 1 megabyte. You can convert a string to a byte using []byte("Foo") and get the string back using string().

Allowed datatypes in the datastore:

- signed integers (int, int8, int16, int32 and int64),
- bool,
- string,
- float32 and float64,
- any type whose underlying type is one of the above predeclared types,
- *Key,
- time.Time,
- appengine.BlobKey,
- []byte (up to 1 megabyte in length),
- slices of any of the above.

If you want store larger data, like big images, use the Blobstore instead. Which allows data up to 32 megabytes.

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