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I have a canvas that I am using a ScaleGestureDetector to zoom in my android app. Here is the code I have so far:

        //SCALING --------------------------------------------------
        //get center of the viewport
        int centerX = xLoc+((int)(screenWidth/2*scaleFactor));
        int centerY = yLoc+((int)(screenHeight/2*scaleFactor));
        scaleFactor /= detector.getScaleFactor();

        // Don't let the object get too small or too large.
        scaleFactor = Math.max(1.0f, Math.min(scaleFactor, maxScaleFactor));                
        //Make sure the viewport is repositioned
        xLoc = centerX-((int)(screenWidth/2*scaleFactor));
        yLoc = centerY-((int)(screenHeight/2*scaleFactor));

This works great to zoom in and out of my canvas. The xLoc and yLoc represent the top left corner of my viewport in relation to the entire image I am drawing a portion of. The problem I have with this code though, is that It zooms in to the center of the viewport. I would like to be able to use detector.getFocuxX() and detector.getFocusY() to zoom into the focus point, just like the pinch to zoom works in the android browser.

Basically I need to adjust the position of the viewport (xLoc and yLoc) so that it gives the appearance of zooming into the focus point of the scale gesture.

I cannot figure this part out. If anyone has an idea of how I can do this without using the canvas matrix transformations (which I have seen used in many of the topics I found before posting this) I would really appreciate it! Even if you could point me to someone else who has done something similar.

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