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I'm trying to translate an array declaration from VB.Net to C#, and I'm struggling. The Vb code is in the format:

dim variableName() as typeName = {}
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Sounds like you want:

typeName[] variableName = {};

For example:

string[] names = { "Fred", "Bill", "Jon" };

Or using var and an explicitly typed array creation expression:

var names = new string[] { "Fred", "Bill", "Jon" };

Or using var and an implicitly typed array (not so good for an empty array, of course):

var names = new[] { "Fred", "Bill", "Jon" };
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Thanks, got it! :) –  Henrik Valve Jan 14 '13 at 18:05

The equivalent C# code would be:

var variableName = new typeName[0];

... or:

var variableName = new typeName[] {};

In either case, you're creating a new empty array.

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You can use the following:

TypeName[] variableName = new TypeName[] { };
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