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I'm attempting to setup a testing scenario where I can publish a JAR of tests that will run the same sets of tests 95% of the time but there will be 5% of the tests that need to either override or stop a feature in the parent class. Is it possible to override parent specifications?

class ParentSpec extends Specification {
    def "goto home page"() {
        to NormalHomePage

        at NormalHomePage

... in a separate project that brings in the dependency for the ParentSpec

class ChildSpec extends ParentSpec {
    def "goto home page"() {
        to SpecificHomePage

        at SpecificHomePage

Is there something that I can do to either do this or simulate this?

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Overriding feature methods isn't currently supported. With some effort, it would be possible to write an extension that skips the "super" method.

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Just for anyone who finds this question. It looks like the original question poster ended up taking this advice and implemented his own spock extension. This can be found here: – jk47 Sep 5 '14 at 15:43

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