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I'm currently using this jQuery Coda Slider plugin at www.ndoherty.com/demos/coda-slider/1.1.1/ with some custom code to make it auto-rotate. Works in all browsers but Firefox 3.5 on both Mac and WinXP.

The issue is the sides of the slider seem to be tearing and it tears only partially so I suspect its a rendering issue.
And if so I doubt any CSS hacks can fix it.

You can see the issue here. Just wait for it to slide or click the "»" or "«" near the center.

If anyone has any ideas what's wrong I'd love to hear your views.

Remember You'll need Firefox 3.5 to see the error.

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tables for layouts much? –  geowa4 Sep 16 '09 at 12:25
lol. unfortunately amazon's templates are all based on table layouts, which are not even class-ed or id-ed sufficiently. –  jarrold Sep 30 '09 at 5:09
anyways, it seems to be an issue with firefox 3.5 and jquery's easing plugin. I've since changed the carousel to a simple fade in/fade out plugin. Google ads and jquery's clone function also don't like each other, so that ruled out lots of other carousel plugins. –  jarrold Sep 30 '09 at 5:11

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