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I want to trigger a creation of a new object when an object of my FbPlace class (mongo document) is updated. FbPlace is only updated through a script in the console or rake task. Is it possible to check if my subscription to my fb_places is getting triggered correctly in my rails s tab or in my log files?

ActiveSupport::Notifications.subscribe("fb_places_updated.graph_engine") do |*args|
  puts "WORKS"
  Rails.logger.debug("+++ WORKS")
  #Other irrelevant logic 

I've added puts and Rails.logger.debug to see if the Notification is getting triggered when I do something like FbPlace.update_attribute(name: "test_name"), but I haven't seen anything print to console or my log file yet.

Any advice?

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You did not specified where you actually subscribe to the event. I would image you do it in an initializer and the rake task loads the environment so it should be fine.

To see that the block gets evaluated when the event occurs, you can use Pry, that way you can just type args and see what's inside. Put it into you Gemfile and then:

ActiveSupport::Notifications.subscribe("fb_places_updated.graph_engine") do |*args|

Run the rake task. If you did not end up in a Pry session, the event was not triggered. I'm not sure what should trigger the fb_places_updated.graph_engine event. I take it you use mongoid and as far as I know it doesn't trigger any instrumentations - there needs to be the other side:

ActiveSupport::Notifications.instrument("fb_places_updated.graph_engine", some_data: 42)

If that's the case, I wouldn't bother with notifications and just use after_update callback or an observer in the model.

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