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I am planning to do a simple Remote Procedure Call (RPM) over the web and I am currently using WebSockets. I was wondering if Jini is better than WebSockets or if there is a newer API or framework for Java to do RPC.

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WebSockets and Jini are the main ones of note, both have their pluses and minuses. I'd say WebSockets is great just for the sheer amount of examples and documentation lying about. Jini is a lot different than WebSockets - so if anything the overheard of learning how to use it may not be worth it; that is up to you to evaluate, I spose.

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I found a useful presentation Remoting Retrospective - Harold Carr – Gorayni Jan 14 '13 at 21:25

I wouldn't use WebSockets directly because older browsers and/or corporate firewalls may have issues with it. SocksJS is a respected wrapper that will gracefully degrade to another transport mechanism if required while still allowing you to work with a WebSockets type of API.

The client side is generally written in JavaScript but they have a number of servers written including two in Java: Vert.x and Netty. It looks like the Vert.x implementation is a little more mature at this point in time.

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