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I'm currently implementing Doctrine filters in my Symfony2.1 project with the following setup:


namespace Acme\Bundle\Entity;

class Article {
     * @ORM\Column(type="string")
    private $status;

                class:   Acme\Bundle\Filter\StatusFilter
                enabled: false

namespace Acme\Bundle\Filter;

use Acme\Bundle\Entity\Status;

class StatusFilter extends SQLFilter {

    public function addFilterConstraint(ClassMetadata $target, $alias)
        $filter =
                $alias . '.status = ' . Status::PUBLISHED : '';

        return $filter;

Where Acme\Bundle\Entity\Status is just an interface.
The code is working as expected when the filter is enabled in config.yml.

The problem is that I cannot retrieve all articles for administration!
Is there a way to enable this filter for a certain bundle?
p.s. I know how to enable and disable the filter with the EntityManager,
I just cannot find the proper place to do it for the frontend Bundle.

my admin section is accessible by route prefix myadmin -> admin section = disable filter (disabled by default in config) -> anything else = enable filter.

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there is no notion of bundle at Doctrine level. The only way I see would be to detect which controller is used, by parsing its className (reflection, ...) during a kernel.request event, or a kernel.controller event.

You can inspire yourself from this example:

Then, if you detect that your controller is in FrontendBundle, just disable/enable your doctrine filter.

If you prefer using routing to detect when to disable/enable, just use kernel.request event. You will have access to all request parameters, via $event->getRequest()->attributes->get('_controller') for example.

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Tnx Florian, already implemented and working fine! the link really helped a lot. – Gintro Jan 17 '13 at 13:48

Looking at the Doctrine code, there are methods to enable and disable filters.

Once you have defined your filter in the config.yml file, you can enable/disable in a controller or service:

// 'status' is the unique name of the filter in the config file


Note: this was taken from Symfony 2.3. You would need to test this with previous versions of Symfony/Doctrine.

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