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Images aren't being shown when a person shares a URL to our site. Using the debugger at and putting in the URL of It shows that the meta tags are correct and an image is shown.

However share this link on and no image is shown.

Using Firebug I can see that the image scraper only returns a 1x1 pixel. composerurihash 2 scrape_url Safe Image returns a 1x1 pixel:

I need help in fixing this issue so that we can easily share URL's with the image.

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I see the image when I share your URL. – cpilko Jan 15 '13 at 3:25
Correct - the issue seems to be with articles that are posted within the last couple of days. After awhile it starts to work. – Johnish Jan 17 '13 at 21:52

Found that adding a trailing slash on the URL makes it work. It also seems to work better if the link comes after some words.

Example: Wasn't working: but this worked:

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I also get into a similar problem. My problem is because of the image name has a "space" in it. so it is not appear in the facebook debugger and also in sharing.

So i fixed the issue by replace space with hyphen("-") through coding part. After that i debug the url in facebook debugger, it appears. That means Facebook wont show the image name with "space". But there is no logical reason behind this. Anyway it will help someone.

For more information check this answer posted by Patrick D'appollonio. It helps me.

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