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I am searching online but not able to get a plugin which can meet my requirements.

I make an AJAX call and get back an three arrays. Say for example:

 Name[0] = "ravi"
 Name[1] = "john"
 Name[2] = "robert"

 Expense[0] = "100$"
 Expense[1] = "50$"
 Expense[2] = "120$"

 Comment[0] = "You are Spending Properly"
 Comment[1] = "You can spend more"
 Comment[2] = " you are spening too much"

Now with Name on y-axis and expense on x-axis I am able to get bar graph using many plugins. My problem is when some one hovers on any of the bars the respective commment should appear. The max I am able to show in the tool tip is the combination of name and expense. Is there any plug in which supports this feature where I can add comment as the tooltip.

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You can use powerTip. You might need to make changes to your js. But this will be helpful. Follow the steps mentioned here : jquery powertip

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