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I am developing a project in php with svn subversioning system using Visual SVN server.

I have some websites in my private webserver(IIS 7) and I would like to let the trunk folder of the project in my repository be accessible via IIS.

is that possible to be done?

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If you really asked about

"How to publish my code from repository in order to use it inside IIS-powered site"

You have to read about Subversion post-commit hooks, which can do any operations with data in repo, in your case - svn export to the root of your IIS-site, or, if you'll prefer to see site-root as Working Copy svn up

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but doesn't the export command export the files in a local folder? I need to "svn export" the current trunk folder server side. but I'm in the client side. – Dario Rusignuolo Jan 14 '13 at 22:52
@DarioRusignuolo - you have to read svn help export also, because export command has two forms, and 1-st is you case export [-r REV] URL[@PEGREV] [PATH]. From help-text: "Exports a clean directory tree from the repository specified by URL, at revision REV if it is given, otherwise at HEAD, into PATH." In your case, if repository is on the same <strike>FS</strike>host, as target, just use file:/// access-protocol – Lazy Badger Jan 15 '13 at 0:43
the repository is NOT on the same host. it's remote. – Dario Rusignuolo Jan 17 '13 at 8:19
@DarioRusignuolo - doesn't matter, export + scp|ftp|rsync – Lazy Badger Jan 17 '13 at 15:42

VisualSVN installs Apache httpd as a web server.

I don't believe you can install Subversion to work under IIS. However, that was an answer from 18 months ago, so things might have changed, but I doubt it. I did find a Google Code project called RocketSVN, but it looks like it was deprecated.

I found a commercial package at SVNISapi.

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one solution is to create a .bat file server side that would be executed every day/week.

here's the simple batch file

svn export -r HEAD file:///C:/repo/proj C:\root\proj --force

remove dir 'cause the export command doesn't allow to overwrite the existent folder.

the C:\root\ is the iis7 folder.

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