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I want to pass ByteArray from ActionScript to C function.

basically I want do something like this:

void init() __attribute__((used,annotate("as3sig:public function init(byteData: ByteArray):int"),

void init()
   //here I want to pass byteArray data to C variable.
   //similar to AS3_GetScalarFromVar(cVar, asVar) 

Unforunately I cannot find any function in flascc docs to help me with this.

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void _init_c(void) __attribute((used,
    annotate("as3sig:public function init(byteData:ByteArray) : void"),

void _init_c()
    char *byteArray_c;
    unsigned int len;

    inline_as3("%0 = byteData.bytesAvailable;" : "=r"(len));
    byteArray_c = (char *)malloc(len);

    inline_as3("CModule.ram.position = %0;" : : "r"(byteArray_c));

    // Now byteArray_c points to a copy of the data from byteData.
    // Note that byteData.position has changed to the end of the stream.

    // ... do stuff ...


The key here is that the heap in C is exposed on the AS3 side as CModule.ram, which is a ByteArray object.

A pointer malloc'd in C is seen in AS3 as an offset into CModule.ram.

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You should use CModule.malloc and CModule.writeBytes methods to manipulate with pointers in C-style manner. Take a look on $FLASCC/samples/06_SWIG/PassingData/

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