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In Django, given that I have a QuerySet that I am going to iterate over and print the results of, what is the best option for counting the objects? len(qs) or qs.count()?

(Also given that counting the objects in the same iteration is not an option)

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Interesting question. I suggest profiling this.. I'd be very interested! I don't know enough about python to know if len() on an fully evaluated objects has much overhead. It might be faster than count! –  Yuji 'Tomita' Tomita Jan 14 '13 at 22:17

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Although the Django docs recommend using count rather than len:

Note: Don't use len() on QuerySets if all you want to do is determine the number of records in the set. It's much more efficient to handle a count at the database level, using SQL's SELECT COUNT(*), and Django provides a count() method for precisely this reason.

Since you are iterating this QuerySet anyway, the result will be cached (unless you are using iterator), and so it will be preferable to use len, since this avoids hitting the the database again, and also the possibly of retrieving a different number of results!). If you are using iterator, then I would suggest including a counting variable as you iterate through (rather than using count) for the same reasons.

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I think using len(qs) makes more sense here as you need to iterate over the results. qs.count() is a better option if all that you want to do it print the count and not iterate over the results.

len(qs) will hit the database with select * from table whereas qs.count() will hit the db with select count(*) from table.

also qs.count() will give return integer and you cannot iterate over it

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