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I'm pretty new to Python, so I'm having a hard time even coming up with the proper jargon to describe my issue. Basic idea is I have a dict that has the following structure:

myDict = 
        {"date": "2013-01-01","value": 1234},
        {"date": "2013-01-02","value": 5678},

I want to pull out the "value" where the date is known. So I want:

myDict["SomeMetric"]["day"]["value"] where myDict["SomeMetric"]["day"]["date"] = "2013-01-02"

Is there a nice one-line method for this without iterating through the whole dict as my dict is much larger, and I'm already iterating through it, so I'd rather not do nested iteritems.

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Generator expressions to the resque:

    for d in myDict['SomeMetric']['day']
    if d['date'] == "2013-01-02")

So, loop over all day dictionaries, and find the first one that matches the date you are looking for. This loop stops as soon as a match is found.

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had the exact same answer, down to the choice of variable name. beaten by several secs. :) – user4815162342 Jan 14 '13 at 21:46
This'll do it! Thanks! – Zaphod Jan 14 '13 at 22:20

Do you have control over your data structure? It seems to be constructed in such a way that lends itself to sub-optimal lookups.

I'd structure it as such:

data = { 'metrics': { '2013-01-02': 1234, '2013-01-01': 4321 } }

And then your lookup is simply:


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This is part of that process actually. I'm reorganizing the data. Part of that process involves aggregating some values. I'm beginning to think I should reorg first with no combining, then do my combining as a second step. – Zaphod Jan 14 '13 at 21:51

Can you change the structure? If you can, you might find it much easier to change the day list to a dictionary which has dates as keys and values as values, so

myDict = {
        "2013-01-01": 1234,
        "2013-01-02": 5678,

Then you can just index into it directly with

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