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I have a small app that has its own classes and view files that I want to add to my kohana site. I will call this app my sub_app. So if I put sub_app in the kohana app root, I can access this app at

Currently, I can't use any classes that are defined in my Kohana app when within my sub_app. Is there a way I can load all of the classes in my index.php for my sub_app.

Also, in codeigniter, there is a third_party packages thing that does what I want. Is there anything similar in kohana?

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Kohana uses Kohana::find_file() to load external library code. Here's an example:

Typically, you would place third-party libraries in application/vendor, accessing them like this within your controller method:

// Load the library's feed.class.php file
require Kohana::find_file('vendor', 'rss-php/feed.class');

I've never attempted to load code from a directory above the application root, however, and I'm not sure that Kohana will find your class files.

You could try to load them with Kohana::find_file(), like so:

// Load classes/autoload.php from two directories above application
require Kohana::find_file('../../classes', 'autoload');

Or simply require based on DOCROOT, which is the base of your sub_app:

require DOCROOT
      . 'classes' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR
      . 'autoload.php';
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Simply put your sub_app class files to APPPATH . 'classes' (/application/classes/) folder and modify their names due to Kohana Cascading Filesystem principles.

For example:


class.php file would be:

class Sub_Class {}

Then you can use your sub_app classes like $class = new Sub_Class;

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You can define autoloader for sub_app and register in somewhere in bootstrap.php:

// find autoloader function/class in vendor/sub_app/ directory
require_once Kohana::find_file('vendor', 'sub_app/autoloader');

// register autoloader::load() function as autoloader
spl_autoload_register(array('autoloader', 'load'));

Note that you must manually include your classes in that autoloader.

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Well sounds like you just need to add another "application" folder into the directory structure. Consider the following suggestion:

--application // for

--subapp // for
---bootstrap.php ->
here edit the

    'base_url'   => '/kohanaapp/sub_app',
    'index_file' => FALSE

      here edit:
      RewriteRule .* /kohanaapp/subapp/index.php/$0 [PT]
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