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Just wanted to post a quick thing I found about Factory Girl for others who are new to using it like myself. The use-case for this solution is likely limited, but it's worth posting.

I was running rspec for a controller in one of projects, and for some reason the thing wouldn't run for some tests. Not all of them, just some. I tried deleting everything in that test file and running it - it successfully found 0 examples, so clearly the file was being read.

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The solution ended up being simple: I had a rails console in test environment, sandbox environment running (you can start this with "rails c test" and add a -s flag for sandbox mode, for your own reference). When you have Factory Girl make changes to a sandbox environment, running Factory Girl anywhere else in your app before killing the sandbox session results in it locking up.

For me it was running in the background because I previously had it running and stopped it using ctrl + z. The solution is simply kill the rails console process using

ps aux | grep rails

and with the pid (ex. 1234)

sudo kill -9 1234

I can assume a similar problem might happen regardless of whether or not you're using Factory Girl, and is more of a problem when you make changes to the sandbox, but this problem.

EDIT: I have confirmed this is a FactoryGirl problem only - creating entries through other means in the rails console (for example), even if a rails sandbox is running with Factory Girl changes, does not cause issues. Basically, this issue will only come up if you run Factory Girl in one rails c test sandbox, and then try running Factory Girl elsewhere to my knowledge.

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