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I am in the process of migrating my python application from Google App Engine to Heroku. I have managed to get webapp2 (google app engine's default request handler) working.

What I am experiencing an issue with, is the database. In GAE, I was using the built in Datastore, and my application contains all the database syntax according to that. But after migrating to Heroku, I have a lot of database choices as "addons".

I wanted to know, as to which database I should choose in Heroku, which resembles the Google App engine's datastore the most, so that I have to change the least amount of code in my Application.

Just as a reference, here's the link showing the vast amount of options available on Heroku for database choices: Heroku Database Addons.

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SQLAlchemy should do. – fread2281 May 28 '13 at 20:53

Something like Cassandra: would be closest in performance to the GAE datastore given it's column-structured nature.

However, depending on your usage patterns and how close you stuck to the Django-like API, any of the standard datastores (Postgres, ClearDB MySQL) would be about the same amount of effort to switch over to from a code perspective.

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