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I'm making a parser in rails for a website and I'm having trouble selecting only the stuff I want.

I want to select the following sibling to a td-tag that contains ONLY "World:", but there's another td-tag containing "Former World:" that I get too, and I don't want to select that one.

Here's my XPath selection:

//td[contains(text(), 'World:')]/following-sibling::td

So I want the tag containing ONLY "World:" and not the other one containing "Former World:"

Any ideas? Spent hours searching for a solution, but now I ended up here.

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Does it work if you change it to

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That worked like a charm! I figured it wasn't harder than that... But thanks :) – Patrik Thorsson Jan 14 '13 at 22:57

Have you tried testing the text with equals?

//td[text() = 'World:']/following-sibling::td


//td[. = 'World:']/following-sibling::td
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