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I will try to make it simplify. I am using windows azure cloud to host our web services and databases. and these web services are accessible via URL: "https://server.mydomain.com"

now we made a few major changes to our model and hence web services as a whole. This breaks the API interface for older users. Now we want to deploy the latest version on URL: "https://server.mydomain.com/v2" so that old users can still access the older version.

I searched around SO and other resources but i couldnt find a definite answer how to deploy new version without messing up the old version.

Anything in right direction will be helpful.

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In one of the projects I was working on, we built in a versioning scheme on top of our Web API. We used this tutorial to get started. I would recommend starting there.

Sorry for the generic answer, if you post some more specifics I will make some updates.

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I'd suggest to deploy separate cloud service and use "v2.server.mydomain.com"

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