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I have a backbone.js + jquery ui + jquery mobile app and for some reason .remove() throws: this._destroy is not a function error in the jquery library. Anyone else run into this? I'm guessing its an issue with 'this' referring to a different element but I am not sure.

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The difference could be that you're calling .remove() on a backbone object versus a jQuery object -- both Backbone.View objects and jQuery objects feature .remove() methods -- perhaps you're calling it on one type, thinking it's the other?

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Yeah, if I do $(e.currentTarget).remove() it's fine, or even $(e.currentTarget).parent().remove() but $(e.currentTarget).closes('tr').remove() throws the error – user1572796 Jan 14 '13 at 23:19
That sounds like it could potentially be a bug; you might want to consider trying to work up a bug report for that. – Plan B Jan 15 '13 at 18:18

Found a native JS workaround:

var thisCancel = $(e.currentTarget).closest('tr').prop('id');
var dRemove = document.getElementById(thisCancel);
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Also although the div id was specified when jquery was running the destroy function it was referencing this as the entire view now the object

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