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I have a string:

10 101/12/201209/12/2012 8 75.00 600.00 2 1RPT/136185RAMADA HOTEL & SUITES 

I want to get from this value from the string:


I tried to use /([^\/]*)$/, but it returned:


What should I do?

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Is that number always six digits? What happens if it's shorter and the hotel name is "7 Seas"? –  the Tin Man Jan 15 '13 at 0:49

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str = "10 101/12/201209/12/2012 8 75.00 600.00 2 1RPT/136185RAMADA HOTEL & SUITES"

# => "136185"
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You should download The Regex Coach great program for testing regex. This answer works :) –  Zach Jan 15 '13 at 0:16

I don't know if it's the shortest solution but (\d+)\D*\Z should work.

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The inverse of using scan is to use split:

    s = '10 101/12/201209/12/2012 8 75.00 600.00 2 1RPT/136185RAMADA HOTEL & SUITES'
    s.split(/\D+/).last # Everything that isn't a number is a separator, take the last one
    => "136185"

If the rule is first number after the last '/', then this works even if the business has digits in its name:

    s = '10 101/12/201209/12/2012 8 75.00 600.00 2 1RPT/136185MOTEL 6'
    s.split(?/).last.to_i # => 136185

Note that "7 Seas Hotel" is going to still cause problems

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this matches as many characters as possible before matching a group of digits, starting with a word boundary to make sure the greedy .* doesn't eat up the begin of the digit group.

Or use


which is more readable, but not a pure regex.

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it doesn't work, I checked in rubular.com –  Gavrilov Pavel Jan 14 '13 at 23:16
The [...,1] part select the first match group. I guess the website shows you the complete match rather than just the group. Try again using irb with the complete expression that I’ve provided. –  akuhn Jan 14 '13 at 23:33

If the number is ALWAYS six digits, use:

'10 101/12/201209/12/2012 8 75.00 600.00 2 1RPT/136185RAMADA HOTEL & SUITES'.split[6].split('/').last[0, 6]
=> "136185"

The potential problem with any regex solution is the number + hotel name could cause solutions using \d+ to return bad values if the hotel's name is something like 7 Seas.

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