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Let's say I have (in CLOB format already in database column):

I want to take the above data and insert it individually in a column on a database table. Is it possible to just make a fairly simple version of what the SQL statement code will look like?


set serveroutput on
  x XMLType := XMLType(
    '<?xml version="1.0" ?> 
           <City>Los angeles</City>
           <City>Los angeles</City>
           <City>Los angeles2</City>

  FOR r IN (
    SELECT ExtractValue(Value(p),'/row/name/text()') as name
          ,ExtractValue(Value(p),'/row/Address/State/text()') as state
          ,ExtractValue(Value(p),'/row/Address/City/text()') as city
    FROM   TABLE(XMLSequence(Extract(x,'/person/row'))) p
    ) LOOP
    -- do whatever you want with r.name, r.state, r.city
    INSERT INTO example (names, state, city)
    values (r.name, r.state, r.city);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ( 'l_firstName = ' || r.name );
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ( 'l_lastName = ' || r.state );
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ( 'l_lastName = ' || r.city );

In the declare section, instead of having that xml copy and paste there I want to be able to grab that from the database column (report_xml). What is the correct syntax to grab it whenever that column gets updated with new data?

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nvm I found out how... –  user1978734 Jan 14 '13 at 23:54
However, I'm stuck at how to grab the xml column from a table and use that column instead of copying and pasting a generic one. For example look at edited code. –  user1978734 Jan 14 '13 at 23:55

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