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First of all sorry by my English, I'll try my best. I am trying to position a TextView in a RelativeLayout. I calculate random x and y coordinates and then I check if the TextView is shown completely inside de layout (to avoid giving a too long coordinate so we can see only half TextView). This is the code. I donot understand why this doesn't work and place sometimes the TextView so I can't see it complete in my screen. am I doing something wrong? If I have a look to de log when it fails to show the hole TextView I can see that the width of the TextView plus the x coordinate sum exactly the layout's width.

private Point CalculoNuevaPosicionAleatoriaTexto(String texto) {

    Point nuevaPosicion = new Point();

    double valorAleatorioX;
    double valorAleatorioY;

    float parentWidth = parentView.getWidth();
    float parentHeight = parentView.getHeight();

    textView.measure((int)parentWidth, (int)parentHeight);

    float textViewWidth = textView.getMeasuredWidthAndState();
    float textViewHeight = textView.getMeasuredHeightAndState();

    float x;
    float y;

    valorAleatorioX = Math.random();
    valorAleatorioY = Math.random();

    x = (float) valorAleatorioX * parentWidth;
    y = (float) valorAleatorioY * parentHeight;

    if (x + textViewWidth > parentWidth) {
        x = parentWidth - textViewWidth;

    if (y + textViewHeight > parentHeight) {
        y = parentHeight - textViewHeight;

    nuevaPosicion.x = (int) x;
    nuevaPosicion.y = (int) y;

    return nuevaPosicion;

Thanks in advance, I will really appreciate any help.

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If you are trying to position something with absolute coordinates you should use a layout other than RelativeLayout. –  Ameen Jan 14 '13 at 23:37
Are you using the point returned for the center of the TextView, perchance? –  zyklonSport Jan 14 '13 at 23:56
@zyklonSport As I know the coordinates a assign is top left corner. This is the code as I recieve a point whith xy coordinates: textViewCambioPosicion.setX(nuevaPosicion.x); textViewCambioPosicion.setY(nuevaPosicion.y); –  duduac Jan 15 '13 at 23:19
@Ameen Can't I place views whith absolute coordinates in a RelativeLayout?? I have other views placed in de layout without absolute coordinates. –  duduac Jan 15 '13 at 23:25

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