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I'm trying to do something like this:

trait BaseMongoDAO[T <: IdentifiableModel with CaseClass] {

  implicit val manifest: Manifest[T]

  ........ some implicit manifest usage here

trait MongoUserRepository extends BaseMongoDAO[User] with UserRepository {

  override val manifest = Manifest.classType(User.getClass)

  ........ implementing UserRepository here


But it doesn't seem to work and it says my Manifest is of incompatible type.

I did something wrong?

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If we look at the definition of classType:

def classType[T](clazz: Predef.Class[_]): Manifest[T] =
    new ClassTypeManifest[T](None, clazz, Nil)

We can see that T is not inferred from the argument, and thus can only be inferred from the return type, or by explicitly giving the type parameter. The following should fix your issue:

override val manifest = Manifest.classType[User](User.getClass)


override val manifest: Manifest[User] = Manifest.classType(User.getClass)
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