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From my corporate network I tried using the following versions of vmc: 0.5.0.beta.7 and 0.4.7. When I try doing vmc target api.cloudfoundry.com, I get the following error:

CFoundry::TargetRefused: target refused connection (getaddrinfo: No such host is known. )

When I tried version 0.3.18, I did not get that error. Note that I have set the http proxy correct by setting http_proxy environmental variable.

Did anybody experience this issue or know why this happens?

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To get VMC to work behind a corporate firewall (SOCKS), you can use socksify (http://socksify.rubyforge.org/). I just added the following (corrected for my environment) to gems/vmc-0.4.7/lib/vmc/cli.rb:

require 'socksify'
TCPSocket::socks_server = ""
TCPSocket::socks_port = 9050

Not exactly elegant, but it worked well and I can finally use CF.

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Can you please try doing vmc target on a network which doesn't require any proxy settings?

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