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I have a string that could have email address in two different ways

way 1: str = " text text. Recipient: test@test.com";
way 2: str = " text text. Recipient Email: test@test.com";

In javascript I am using the following to see if there is an email address


but this works only for way 1 where its Recipient. I want to match it for either Recipient Or Recipient Email.

How would I modify the above to support both clauses? thanks

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I'd add this to your regex

(?: Email)?

The non-capture group is a little more explicit than other solutions provided here

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test.match(/Recipient( Email)?:\s(\w+@\w+.\w+)/);

This makes the " Email" part optional.

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( Email)?

Will optionally match " Email", (a ? means the preceding item 0 or 1 times) so adding that in we have:

test.match(/Recipient( Email)?:\s(\w+@\w+.\w+)/);
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