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I am unable to update my frontends nor my backends. I get the error message 'Version is not ready'. This bug has persisted for coming up to 24 hours now. I have a task perpetually running in a queue. My best guess is that this task is stopping the update. I am unable to delete the task as it is perpetually running, nor can I delete the queue as I am unable to upload a new queue.yaml definition. The same task previously failed due to a maximum recursion error as I had a synchronous RPC within an asynchronous tasklet.

I'm pretty sure the fix will require someone from the GAE side forcibly resetting the task queue. Thus, this question would be more suitably directed to the GAE team with details about my app in a less public forum. Though, from what I can see, they do not allow direct support questions and suggest posting the question here. My follow up question, then, is when you have a GAE issue that requires action from the GAE team - how do you get hold of them (other than paying US$500/month for a premium support account)?


The task is/was meant to be running on a backend instance. I intended to shutdown all backend and frontend instances via the console assuming that they would cancel the task and restart themselves. But I found that only one frontend instance was running - no backends. After shutting down that frontend instance, the dashboard has reported that I have 0 instances running, yet the website is still serving and the task remains perpetually running.


Disabling the app stopped the task from running. After reenabling the app, I was able to update it. Though I am left with a ghost task in my queue.

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Can you just suspend the queue in question; click on it from the app engine admin and press pause. –  Jesse Rusak Jan 15 '13 at 1:21
I paused it for about an hour to no avail. In the 'Running' column, the console reported "1 (paused)". I resumed the queue in the hope that the task would complete or fail and then be deleted. That was about 19 hours ago. –  waigani Jan 15 '13 at 1:59
You could pause your queue and shut down the instance running that task. Not pleasant, but perhaps would stop it from being "running"? You can shut down individual instances from the "Instances" panel. –  Jesse Rusak Jan 15 '13 at 2:01
If the site is still serving, are you getting logs? What do they say about instance ID? Perhaps there's an instance running of a different version? What about going all-out and disabling the application? –  Jesse Rusak Jan 15 '13 at 2:10
You disable the app under application settings. Disabling the app will not affect your data in any way; it's safe. –  Jesse Rusak Jan 15 '13 at 2:25

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If you have a stuck task queue job, I'd try disabling the queue and killing the instance running that job. If that doesn't work, I'd try disabling the app temporarily.

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