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What is the approach to get SQLite-ruby working in IronRuby?

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There's an sqlite3-ironruby gem which was recently released, and it's on gemcutter

The source is here on gitub

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Appears that you install that gem then use the "normal" sqlite config/database.yml setup style and it works, no changes needed to database.yml from MRI. –  rogerdpack May 18 '10 at 20:06

How are wanting to use sqlite in your ironruby project?

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With a ruby based ORM such as ActiveRecord –  jrhicks Sep 20 '09 at 13:52

you won't be able to use activerecord as is.

You can either wrap the ADO.NET provider for SQLite or you can perhaps help with the ironruby-dbi project and provide a dbi adapter that handles sqlite correctly. From then on adding it to rails is easy as it would require replacing the connection with the dbi connection.

It is a work in progress though and at this moment most efforts have been around sql server, but I too would like to get sqlite working properly on IronRuby with rails. link text

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