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I have a function:

bool IntersectBoxBox(IShape3D* a, IShape3D* b)
        Box* boxA = (Box*)a;
        Box* boxB = (Box)b;


and it's called when the 2 IShape3D's are determined to be a box and a box type (there is a IShape3D->GetType() method).

Anyways,the problem is that Intersects takes a Box& box,so I can't pass it a pointer. Is there an cheap way to convert the arguments?

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FYI: You may be interested in using the visitor pattern to simulate double dispatch as an alternative to having to downcast from the interface to a concrete type. –  Oliver Charlesworth Jan 15 '13 at 0:10

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Just dereference your pointer (*boxB).

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You can't in general – this is only possible when you have a non-nullptr. That may indeed be quite relevant when dynamic casting is involved here, as it seems (don't use C-style casts for dynamic dispatch). After eliminating the nullptr case, you may indeed simply dereference the pointer, *boxB.

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